Deckhand Tipping Policy

Tipping Your Deckhand

 An indispensable ingredient towards your successful and enjoyable charter rests with the Deckhand. Many people do not realize that the deckhand is not included in your charter fare. He is there an hour before your trip preparing the boat for productivity and comfort, and is there long after you leave cleaning up. A knowledgeable, capable deckhand is the difference between a mediocre or negative experience and the trip of a lifetime. 

I would only allow the most talented, dedicated and thorough deckhand on board for your convenience, and, obviously, I would like to keep him around. This is why part of fishing aboard CoolBreeze, is adequately compensating our Deckhand for his efforts. This means the minimum traditional gratuity of 15-20% is expected. For instance....a trip that costs $1000 the gratuity at 15% is $150 and at 20% $200. In addition, and is optional, he charges to clean your fish at 30 cents per pound (100 lbs of fish would be $30 to be prepared for cooking or freezing.

A special note: if you do not intend to tip my deckhand 15% or more, please book your charter with someone else!!!!