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Red Snapper season for all federally permitted charter boats is expected to be 30-34 days long this year, beginning June 1st (06/01/2015). This year’s bag limit is expected to be 2 per person. It must be pointed out that this is a projected number and will be subject to reduction dependent upon what non-compliant states do this year with their seasons.

Recent changes in the Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation Act (MSA) now allow a separate allocation of fish (X number of pounds) for federally permitted charter boats to harvest than private boat owners. Despite being federally permitted, we are still connected to the actions of private boat owners in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida being all classified as recreational anglers.  

There is the off chance that the entire quota of red snapper could be harvested by private boat owners fishing in state waters of Texas, Louisiana and Florida before we even get the chance to set a hook on our projected opening day of June 1st, as the entire quota of red snapper landed by private boat owners must be subtracted by the accepted maximum amounts of the Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation Act (MSA).

If this happens, the 30 to 34 day projected season could be cut short to adjust for the amount that will be harvested in state waters.   So if you are booking a fishing charter for the sole purpose of harvesting red snapper, you better plan it during the first couple of weeks of June.  There is still no guarantee if they will be in season when you get here.

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